Saturday, February 28, 2015

The New SLO Skate Park Grand Opening will take place on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 1 p.m.

Evolution of the

New SLO Skate Park

The first SLO Skate Park at Santa Rosa Park was opened in 1994 at the urging of the community. Wood ramps were built by generous volunteers. This new space gave the skateboarders their very own area to skate in the City.

As the years passed, the wood ramps deteriorated and the skateboarding community decided to approach the City Council with a request for a new, in-ground concrete skate park. In 2007, the park was adopted as a Major City Goal and has gone through the extensive design and planning and approval process.

The City applied for several grants including the very competitive Tony Hawk Foundation Grant, which was awarded in 2009. However, a significant shortfall of funding remained. For the City’s 2013-15 Financial Plan, City Council decided to make the skate park project a Major City Goal.

After years of hard work by the skate community, residents and City Council, the new 15,500-square-foot concrete park will open in winter 2015. Construction on this invaluable addition to the City’s multi-use facilities, serving locals and visitors alike, will start in summer 2014. In addition to the skate area, the park will feature an outdoor amphitheater, a low impact fitness path, public art, and a streetscape plaza for spectator seating, farmers’ markets, craft fairs and other events.